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Dawn's Early Light


Dawn's Early Light

 The days that followed the tragedy of September 11, 2001, created silent thoughts, silent worship, silent heroes.  The twisted wreckage pierced our thoughts, often overridden by the visions of the silent heroes.  Ever present in our minds remained the visions of Stars and Stripes reminding us of who we are and who we want to be.  And in the shadow of our flag ever present were the rescuers, the firefighters and policemen who occupied increasingly larger places in our hearts.

 In “Dawn's Early Light”, Susan captures in the devastation of the wreckage, and solemnity of the morning, and the hope of the silent heroes.  With the American flag waving in the foreground, the piece becomes an amazingly positive scene of solace and recovery, of hope and not fear.  The loose style of the painting allows the viewer to fill the voids with their remembrances of a solemn moment in our history.

 “Dawn's Early Light” is a part of the “911 Collection” by Susan Mabie.  It is a combination of visions created from coverage of the incident and of vision of hope for all of us.

  Base Size:    20" x 24"

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20 x 24                    $192.00               $208.25