Painter of Emotion


Susan is a painter of emotion.  Her early works, strongly influenced by her studies with A.E. (Beanie) Backus, contained powerful Florida settings.  Subsequently, Susan has studied with the internationally famous Tut Sayoga while she was living in Jakarta, Indonesia.  It was here that her works turned to the study of human emotion in her collection of paintings of interesting people from around the world.  Her most recent tutelage was with the late John A. Bartok.  Susan’s works are shown in various places in the area and have been shown in galleries in other states.  

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Susan’s Art Collections:                    (Click on Pictures to go to collections and see the rest of the paintings)                                                                                         

                                 The Diversity Collection    

The “Diversity Collection” by Susan contains works portraying interesting people from around the world.  From Indonesia to India to the American Southwest and into our cities, Susan captures the emotion of life.  There is joy in a Balinese mother and child, hope in Bombay, dancing in New Mexico, and fear in the inner city.  It was in Indonesia that Susan first began to put her many skills to work in portraying these fascinating people.  Her work on people continues with the emotion of any moment carefully crafted into both style and palette.  (Click on picture to go to collection)


                    911 Collection   

Like so many of us, Susan was traumatized by the events of September 11, 2001.  She suffered bad dreams and physical pains as a result of the event.  She was advised that she had to “get the feelings out” before they became severely detrimental.  To do this she turned to her art and started the “911 Collection” in which she portrays the positive side of the events of that day.  She focuses her work on the people and on the feelings of that tragedy, always including the upside of the event.  Traumatic works of art for a traumatic day in our history.      (Click on picture to go to collection)


                    The Lighter Side Collection   

If you have ever been at an event or seen a view that you captured on camera but the image of the camera, with all of its reality, could just not convey the feelings and excitement that you felt at the moment?  Welcome to the Lighter Side Collection of Susan.  Here you will find various paintings of scenes that portray the emotions that we feel at various times in our lives.  Open this section and enjoy!   (Click on picture to go to collection)


                                     Landscapes and Stuff   

Like all artists, a good day can be spent capturing the beauty of nature.  These paintings serve as a nice break from the intensity of paintings in the other sections.  They serve to reconnect with nature and yet even here we find beauty in the depth of the painting and the strength of nature's beauty.   (Click on picture to go to collection)



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