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Pillars of Freedom


Pillars of Freedom


On September 11, 2001, it became clear that America is more than what we had historically considered our symbols.  Two Trade Center towers had disappeared as our pillars of freedom.  In their place we found pillars with more substance.  We found pillars of freedom in our heroes—the policemen, firefighters, and passengers on the flights among others, we found pillars of freedom in the twisted wreckage that remained for it too represented our strength, we found that pillars of freedom existed in the Afghan people, those who were also held captive by the same terrorists.

In “Pillars of Freedom”, Susan depicts so many aspects of freedom including our heroes and wreckage, but also the apparitions of the Afghan people also in need of freedom.  The future becomes a little more evident in this creation, we have begun to fight terrorism for our freedom, but also for the freedom of those held hostage throughout the world.

“Pillars of Freedom” is a part of the “911 Collection” by Susan Mabie. 


Base Size:    24" x 30"

Order Sizes:      Canvas rolled price     Stretched price

24 x 30                    $288.00              $308.00