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Before the betrayal in the Garden, Jesus knew of the suffering that he was to bear.  One can only imagine the thoughts that went through His mind as he prepared for the agony of The Passion, yet the vision of the crucifixion becomes real as one sees the thoughts emboldened on the face of Jesus.

 “Premonition” emanates from a dream of Susan Mabie in which the thoughts of the Christ are overlaid on His face.  Premonition is but an artist’s conception of what the physical manifestation of those thoughts may have looked like.  Yet, the painting of the vision leaves a memorable mark on each of us, a reminder of the suffering of the Christ for us.

 “Premonition” is a part of the Diversity Collection by Susan Mabie

Base Size:    24" x 30"

Order Sizes:      Canvas rolled price     Stretched price

24 x 30                   $252.00                 $272.00  

20 x 25                    $175.00                $191.50

18 x 22.5                $142.00                $157.00