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Bag Lady



She was not pretty, this woman who approached on the street.  She walked alone.  There was no fear in her gait.  Her hats were tilted on her head, her clothes unseemly and tattered.  Though she was small and armed only with a bamboo stick, all who walked by her balked in respect and fear. They dare not speak for perhaps she would laugh at them.  “Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth.”


In “Bag Lady”, Susan Mabie captures the strength in one of the outcasts of the world.  It is in the lack of detail that the viewer is able to establish his or her own identity for this woman.  You feel like you know her. Perhaps you like her; perhaps you shrink back in fear, not knowing the meanings emanating from her eyes.  Susan’s palette reflects perfectly the strength and mystery of this bag lady of the East.


Base Size:    24" x 48"

Order Sizes:                Canvas rolled price        Stretched Price

16 x 32                    $144.00                                $161.00

20 x 40                    $240.00                                $266.00

24 x 48                    $345.60                                $376.00