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 See the waves breaking against the rugged and rocky shores.  Feel the waves and the spray.  In this work of blend of color and motion, it is quite easy to know that you are seeing nature in motion with all of its power and glory.

 In “Breaking”, it was necessary for Susan to capture the impression of the waves breaking rather than to paint an exact likeness for the beating of the waves on the rocks were different with each passing second.  But there is no question when one looks at the painting that this is a view of all of the power and glory of nature as it tears away at the rocks as the tides move toward the land

 “Breaking” is a part of the Landscapes and Stuff Collection by Susan Mabie



Base Size:    18" x 24"

Order Sizes:                Canvas rolled price                Stretched Price

18 x 24                        $130.00                                $145.40