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Ocean and Palms


Ocean and Palms

 The sea breezes blow through the palms on this sunny day by the beach.  In the back one can feel the afternoon storm just beginning to build.  The birds float on the warm breezes then dive to pick up their treasures.  It is just another fine day on the beaches of Florida.  It is another day to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.  It is a day to enjoy the beauty of life.

 In “Ocean and Palms”, Susan Mabie portrays the interaction of ocean and beach, of palms trees and birds floating on gentle breezes.  Using a strong painting style, she portrays the landscape as a moving scene, a strong force of change moving throughout the scenery, yet she retains the peacefulness of the overall scene.  Susan rarely puts her skills to work in landscapes, yet it is a treat when she does.

 “Ocean and Palms” is a part of the Landscapes and Stuff Collection by Susan Mabie.



Base Size:    30" x 40"

Order Sizes:                Canvas rolled price            Stretched Price

30 x 40                    $360.00                                $391.50

22.5 x 30                $202.00                                $222.00

18 x 24                    $130.00                                $145.40