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The tree maintains it stand against the power of the waves as they tear away at the sands near the tree.  But the tree remains.  In its motion one can almost feel its struggle for survival against a cruel sea and the shifting of the sands upon which it depends for its life.  Yet year after year this lonely tree fights on – and survives.

 On “Struggle” Susan Mabie captures more than just a tree moving in the breeze.  Rather, one can see the fight for survival of nature of a lonely tree as it holds off the surging tide and wind.  The motion of the tree and the grasping of the roots can be felt in the colors and imagery of the painting.  The tree and its fragile surroundings come alive in the blend of colors and motion. 

“Struggle” is a part of the Landscapes and Stuff Collection by Susan Mabie.



Base Size:    12" x 16"  (wrap)

Order Sizes:                 Canvas rolled price            Stretched Price

12 x 16  (wrap)                   $ 112.00                           $132.00