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White Sands


White Sands

As the years passed, the white gypsum sands flowed back and forth across the land.  Today, the sun shone bright upon the now exposed plants of the arid soil.  The intensity of the sun tied to parch the desert plants, but they continued to grow their roots ever deeper, fighting minute by minute for their survival.  The scene remains serene despite the struggle for existence.

In “White Sands”, Susan captures the starkness of the landscape of White Sands National Monument by using a knife to strengthen the contrasts of the arid southwest desert.  The sharp edges achieved by the knife signify the strength of the limited vegetation that survives the harsh, dry climate.  The contrast of the blue sky against the white sand and the limited vegetation presents its own simple beauty to the viewer. 

“White Sands” is a part of the Landscapes and Stuff Collection by Susan Mabie



Base Size:    16" x 20"  

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