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The Garter

The Garter

 Just married and the joy flows from the young lady as her new husband removes the garter with his teeth.  The courtship, the wedding ceremony, and the festivities had all been the happiest moments of her life.  With an outburst that could be felt by all, the young lady expressed her delight to go into the next phase of her life, one that all who observed knew would be a happy time for the young couple.

 In "The Garter", Susan captures an elusive moment of pure joy.  All of the stressful moments of getting ready for the wedding were suddenly gone and pure joy emitted from the face, the moth, and the very being of a young lady as all the weight of the world was removed and the elation set in.  it is rare that an artist can relay such emotion yet it is so obvious in the brush strokes and the colors of the background and the surroundings that Susan has truly captured the emotion of the moment. 

 "The Garter" is an oil painting in "The Lighter Side" collection by Susan Mabie where emotions around the world are found.

Base Size:    24" x 30"

Order Sizes:      Canvas rolled price     Stretched price

24 x 30                    $216.00                 $236.00